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- MISC -

Back in the earlier days of my career there were lots of marker renderings and felt tip marker sketches. It was here that I learned to sketch quickly and precisely in order to convey feeling and emotion in my sportswear concepts. While I was at Puma, I was lucky enough to design Kien Lieu's signature skate shoe, outsoles for German footballer Lothar Matthaus and many early concepts for Puma's newly created technologies Disk & Cell.

Puma 50 Special.jpg
Kien Lieu 1.jpg


designed for champion skater

Kien Lieu 'The Donger'

Puma Dream Play.jpg
Puma Disc Dream Play.jpg
Puma BBall 1.png
Puma Sting Pro.jpg
Puma Cell Top.jpg
Puma Cell Pro.jpg
Puma Training Mid 2.png
Puma Training Low 2.png
Puma Training Mid 1.png
Puma Running 1.png
Puma Training Low 1.png
Puma Futball 1.png
Puma Formstripe Sm Team Bag.png
Puma Formstripe Backpack.png
Puma Formstripe Shoulder Bag.png
Puma Formstripe Med Team Bag.png
Puma Formstripe Sm Backpack.png
Puma XTC Bag Sketch 2.png
Puma XTC Bag Sketch 3.png
Puma XTC Bag Sketch 1.png
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